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Mission: To provide support in whatever way most necessary to victims of the Syrian War, especially to children and families who have incurred great losses. To inform and educate the world about what is happening in Syria and inspire others to take up the cause with us.


We need your monetary donations to provide:

-Food and Water

-Financial assistance to pay rent and utilities

-Financial assistance to pay medical bills

-Educational supplies to get children back into school

How it works:

White Heart for Syria operates with Staff in Japan, the United States of America, Turkey and Syria. Money is collected and raised in Japan and America, and then wired directly to staff waiting in Turkey and Syria. From there money is either delivered directly to one of our families to pay rent/utilities/medical bills, or is used to purchase food or clothes to put together an aid package. Money and aid packages are delivered one by one by our staff in Syria to avoid being detected by any of the military groups fighting in Syria.

Currently we are focusing on suburbs of Damascus where millions of Syrians have relocated after losing their homes and livelihoods to air raids in other parts of the country. Damascus itself is not free from the horrors of war, and every day the Syrian people (including our staff and their families) run the risk of losing their lives in an air raid, rocket attack, sniper attack, or a full blown battle.

There is no end to the war in sight, and although our reach is limited, the families that we are reaching live in places that even the likes of UNICEF have not been able to get to. For the families we are supporting, White Heart for Syria is the only real hope they have to get through and survive this war.

How families are chosen:

Our families first must live in areas that we are able to access. Movement inside of Syria is very dangerous, and extremely limited. There are millions that need to be reached, however; we can only help those we can deliver aid packages too. Out of the families living within our reach our staff on the ground ranks families according to their individual circumstances and needs. For example, a family would receive higher priority if one or both of the parents had been killed in the war or if someone in the family is dealing with an illness, or if the family had lost their home in a bombing. For each family there is a tragic story and ranking them is nearly impossible. Finally decisions on how to use the money is made by our staff on the ground, as they know the situation better than anyone.

How you can help:

Keep up to date with us on facebook! We are always doing new events and fundraisers and we are always in need of your support!

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